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Sizing 101

Our sizing experience is selling over 50,000 rings and being in the jewelry business for over 25 years in retail, manufacturing and online sales. This advice works 99.99% of the time.

We recommend going to 2-3 different jewelers to get measured. Make sure to tell them the width and style you are buying, that way you're getting measured for the right style (this is the part most people don't do). Such as 10mm comfort fit ring. Most of our rings are comfort fit, but it's always best to make sure for the specific ring you’re wanting. Comfort fit rings WILL fit different then other styles (like class rings, rings that are flat on the inside or rings that are hollow on the inside). If you measured your finger for the right style of ring there is no need to adjust the size up or down a half size because it’s a comfort fit. Occasionally a sales person will give bad advice, so going to more than one store will correct this problem.

DO NOT use any online sizing tools. The professional jewelers give bad advice about 10-20% of the time and they are the ones that are the experts. So someone without the experience and without the proper sizing tools would mess up most of the time.

Most of our rings are custom made and CANNOT be returned or exchanged so we respectfully request you double checking your size before making your purchase. Our rings CANNOT be resized.